Cafe Ghia

I know Thanksgiving’s in the air, but brunch and I have a long-term thing going on. I’ll love brunch, for as long as there’s good coffee and some type of eggy dish to… Continue reading

Vegetarian Chili w/ Zucchinis

Aside from a few misplaced days, the weather has been appropriately cool. I’m happy to report that this whole “fall” phenomenon is real, and not just something told to FL inhabitants to make… Continue reading

Verde Coal Oven in Bushwick

Verde Coal Oven is a Bushwick pizzeria w/ a 104 year old underground coal oven that cooks up some ridiculous fare like a ~*~BREAKFAST PIZZA~*~. Officially christened “Buon Giorno,” this pie is the… Continue reading

Quantum Leap

Sometimes it’s still unreal to me that I live in New York and that I commute on the same train that Jay Z once did (favorite fun fact). I get to cross the… Continue reading

The Falafel Shop in LES

Well, well, well. It’s hard to believe that an entire month has passed since we’ve settled into our Bushwick apartment. I guess a month makes it official, though: I made it to NYC,… Continue reading

Vegetable Samosas

NYC is hot right now. Like, taking multiple cold showers a day hot. So I definitely understand if you prefer to stand in front of your open fridge while eating Popsicles for dinner… Continue reading

Paneer Kebabs

Let’s get down to it: Indian cuisine is my favorite comfort food of ALL time. Especially Paneer Masala and Malai Kofta, both incredibly creamy dishes that are best served atop fluffy basmati rice… Continue reading

it’s sandwich o’clock

Sandwiches are as easy as pie! Well, they’re actually a lot easier. All you gotta do is pack your favorites in between two slices of bread (or if you’re feeling particularly Scandinavian you… Continue reading

roasted corn, tomato & mozzarella salad

I’ve four days left in my current apartment, which I’ll miss wholeheartedly, and cooking is infrequent. I haven’t done much grocery shopping to avoid a full fridge in an otherwise empty apartment, so… Continue reading

BIG news + The Garden Café

Admittedly, I haven’t done too much elaborate cooking lately. There’s been a lot of takeout and white rice topped with a fried egg and tons of sriracha, though. I miss taking a few… Continue reading