Ethos Vegan Kitchen

People who recommend Ethos Vegan Kitchen talk about it in the same way they would a dear friend, which is why I decided to visit it for my first “official” blog post. Every Sunday, Ethos offers brunch until three o’clock, a perfect deal as any lazy Sunday simply begs for a late breakfast.

The Florida weather did not permit us to sit outside, under the pretty stringed lights, but it did bring us inside the cozy restaurant full of comfy couches and local art. Sitting amidst the brunch crowd felt easy, like eating breakfast at home.

As a self-proclaimed burritoholic, I had to try the Breakfast Burrito, filled with tofu scramble, home fries, “bacon” and smothered in gravy. My companion had the Tofu Scramble and a side of Canadian “bacon.”

Can you believe this place is vegan?

The food was simple, yet delicious. That was probably my favorite thing about Ethos, its overall simplistic approach to food. I often find that if a restaurant does simple really well, then pretty much everything else will be good. The white plates the food was served on truly demonstrate the restaurant’s philosophy: no fuss, no overly ornate presentation, just really tasty home style cooking.

You can certainly expect a “Ethos Vegan Kitchen, part deux” because I can’t wait to try their traditional menu items!