A Homey Breakfast

I’m home.

Not college apartment home, but home home.

I love being home, not only for the dear company in the shape of my lovely parents and fuzzy dog, but for the luxuries somewhat inaccessible to an impecunious college student. Luxuries such as a filled pantry. And fridge. Luxuries such as strawberry-rhubarb jam and crusty bread. Luxuries such as an espresso maker. It may seem trivial, but when your daily go-to breakfast is a Luna Bar, a slice of brie cheese is nirvana. Ahhh, brie cheese! How I love you.

Home occasionally means the lucky, yet sparse, intersecting visits between my brothers and I. This time Phillip (the chef) is home, too. He typically appoints me as his personal kitchen servant, demanding perfectly diced onions and peeled vegetables. That’s okay, though, because he also surprises me with the most perfect gifts. This time he catered to my matryoshka obsession and got me Babushkups.

Alors, bon week-end!