A Grilled Lunch

I’m back in Orlando. Back to work, school, writing endless papers, and a nearly empty fridge. The latter ails me the most.

While furiously composing literary works of art, my mind drifts back to the simple, yet delicious lunch we had on Saturday.

(Furiously composing literary works of art=frantically thinking of a decent paper topic.)

Grilled zucchini, eggplants & bread. Fresh corn on the cob. Mozzarella & tomato salad with sweet balsamic vinegar. Sigh.

I miss you, Saturday lunch. You were perfect.

Food really astounds me. The possibility of transforming a bland eggplant into a masterpiece simply by grilling it with salt, pepper and olive oil is amazing. The simplest ingredients become exquisite.

Lunch quickly turned into an impromptu picnic on our living room coffee table. We languidly sipped dark ale and sat with our legs stretched out.

Truly, the perfect Saturday lunch.

This petit gnome agrees.

À bientôt.