A Love Affair with Falafel

The last time I had falafel I was in Paris.

It was an absolute dream, that day of some months ago. A chilly morning set in motion with sips of chocolat chaud in the ghostly streets of what is Paris on a Sunday. The majority of the day was spent exploring le Centre Pompidou, and I’ll admit that even amidst the Picassos, my eyes kept wandering to the Parisian streets just outside the window.

Afterwards, we took our tired tourist legs to le Marais for a long-awaited lunch at L’As du Fallafel.

The line, packed with tourists and Parisians alike, was well-worth the wait. As soon as we claimed our falafels we scurried away to a narrow side-street and ate sitting on a stoop. I vaguely remember people yelling at each other in French, but by my first bite, I was taken far away to falafel bliss.

The falafel was everything a falafel should be, but what impressed me the most was the aubergine that came on the pita. It was the best thing I ate in Paris, which speaks volumes about L’As du Fallafel because I WAS IN PARIS.

This fond recollection brings me to a more current event: homemade falafels.

Our homemade version is sans l’aubergine, but with fresh tzatziki, tabouleh, and tahini.

The only downside to this homemade falafel is that I’m not sitting on a Parisian stoop while eating it.

The recipe used is a variation from Mark Bittman’s falafel in “The Best Recipes in the World,” an online version is found here.

À bientôt.

P.S.- Colby nearly made the mistake of lapping up some spicy cayenne:

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