Au contrite, mes amies

My January was comprised of homework, homework, school work, work, working, yoga, yoga?, yes yoga, job hunting, “I’m about to graduate” panic attacks, and NO COOKING.

Yes, I’ve fallen victim to the chronic “too busy to cook” phenomenon.

My fridge has morphed into a wasteland: empty, save for a few eggs, and milk for my morning coffee (I’m never too busy for coffee).

I’ve been eating way too many eggs and I’ve been taking pictures of way too many eggs.

Don’t worry, I won’t post countless pictures of scrambled, soft boiled, boiled, and sunny side up eggs. We all know what eggs look like. And if you don’t, please refer to my previous post about… eggs.

I will, however, share with you relics of happier days…

Days when food reigned and crostinis were generously topped with Stilton cheese & walnuts, and tomato & basil.

Days when potatoes were slowly roasted with garlic & thyme.

Days when this was lunch.

These days are far from over! They were simply taking a, uh, “break” during January.

February will prove much tastier, mes amies.

No more eggs.

À la prochaine!