All the grits and glamor

A couple of years ago, while suffering from post-New Orleans grits withdrawals, I encountered Uncle Henry’s Country Kitchen.

It was love at the first spoonful of grits.

Consequently, my brother and I have been going back ever since. It’s our tradition.

The thing about Uncle Henry’s is that they serve an uncomplicated breakfast. No fuss.

Eggs, potatoes, biscuits, grits and coffee. All for under $7.

And you know what? Sometimes “no fuss” is just what you need.

Step back from your saffron-infused poached egg and bask in the glory of a simple grilled biscuit…

(Doesn’t a saffron-infused poached egg sound good, though? How do you even do that?)

Ask for your biscuits grilled at Uncle Henry’s.

Something beautiful happens when those fluffy biscuits meet the hot grill top. The butter dances its final dance as it slowly melts over the crunchy, golden slice.

Not only does Uncle Henry’s serve up great food, but the atmosphere is a potpourri of antique & quirky.

You’ll find warm coffee inside mismatched mugs.

And if you’re lucky, your brother will end up with a mug that says “World’s Greatest Grandpa.”

If that happens, you have permission to call him “gramps” for the remainder of the meal.

Uncle Henry’s has residency in my heart and their grits are always welcome on my plate.

C’est tout!


P.S.- Apparently, Uncle Henry’s is Uncle Henry’s Country Grill on the internet, but its signboard says Uncle Henry’s Country Kitchen. Tastes good to me either way.