Dandelion Communitea Cafe

Dandelion Communitea Cafe is an organic vegan/vegetarian cafe located just outside of downtown Orlando.

It is also an embodiment of my dream house. Seriously. Just look at that front door.

Eating at Dandelion feels like being home for the first time in months, except your parents are very hip and your decor is suddenly reminiscent of an Anthropologie showroom. *sigh*

Everything was so whimsical and pretty that it’s hard to pick favorites, but the painted chairs and local art swooned me over…

I’m tempted to just keep posting pictures of the decor but I suppose I should talk about the food as well!

I forget the name of the dish that Lissa got (and it’s not on their website) but it was a cashew-encrusted tempeh in some sort of buffalo sauce over a salad, served with seasonal oranges!

I ordered Dandelion’s famous “Giddyup” as a wrap. Fresh spring greens, crumbled blue corn chips, chili, diced tomatoes and scallions all rolled together in a wheat wrap, served with vegan queso.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: vegan queso, really?… I mean, queso without the queso? It sounds nuts, and it totally shouldn’t work but Dandelion WORKS IT.

Not to mention that every Monday Dandelion serves $5 Giddyups! The perfect opportunity to venture into the realm of vegan queso. Do it.

This post is somewhat incomplete, and I feel slightly embarrassed admitting that I did not try their tea… I think their chili put me more in a beer mood rather than tea-time. BUT that’s what second trips are for, right?

In the meantime I’ll just daydream about eventually decorating my apartment like Dandelion…

Au revoir,