Pine Twenty2

Good veggie burgers are practically mythical. Existing only in far-off lands like Winterfell or Middle Earth (who’s excited for Game of Thrones?!).

…and also in downtown Orlando.

Pine Twenty2 is a local hamburger joint that serves 100% natural fare, no added hormones or antibiotics. Most of their ingredients are even grown right here in Florida. Pretty awesome stuff, if you ask me!

Their menu is BANANAS. They have over 30 toppings to choose from, and although they don’t actually have bananas, they do have dried cranberries and peanut butter (weird… but weird is good, remember?).

Most refreshing is their black bean veggie burger. *cue in the harps*

A savory, fresh, and NOT crumbling meatless patty. Not dense, either… very relaxed. Some subtle hints of lime taking you straight to the beach. Sand between your toes… ahhhh (if you hate the beach, ignore this). Maybe it was the Hawaiian Porter I was drinking, but things felt veeeryyy chill. And delicious.

My burger ended up a with a lot of character:

A black bean patty on Texas Toast with sharp Provolone cheese, roasted garlic aioli, charred onions, cole slaw, a hard boiled egg and tomato. And I definitely wanted fries with that.

Pine Twenty2 is a harmonious place where vegetarians and omnivores can drink beer, chow down on burgers, and anticipate the new season of Game of Thrones.