4Rivers Smokehouse

4Rivers Smokehouse isn’t vegetarian… nope, they’re not smoking zucchinis and eggplant there, that’s for sure. (HMMM, one can dream, though.)


This post is all about being flexible and resourceful, no matter how funny it feels to order a salad amidst pulled pork and brisket.

Did I say salad? Allow me to clarify: 4Rivers’ Cornbread Salad combines chopped romaine, tomatoes, and crumbled cornbread with a sweet tomato dressing. That’s not really a salad, is it? I mean, THERE’S CORNBREAD IN IT. Anything with cornbread is okay with me, even if some lettuce manages to crash the party.

And you know what else?

Grits. Yes. Baked cheese grits.

I love grits. I really, really do. 4Rivers’ baked cheese grits is dinner. Done. And it would be breakfast, lunch, and snacks if I lived closer…


Don’t forget to try 4Rivers’ chocolate chip walnut cookie that is the size of your head.

Shouldn’t all cookies be the size of your head? I think so.

My brother and I couldn’t even finish this monster cookie… and let me tell you something, HE is a cookie fiend. He’ll devour chocolate chip cookies like nobody’s business. But we ain’t got nothing on this monster.

See… “no bacon.” It’s all about flexibility and resourcefulness. And no bacon. AND about grits.

It’s always about grits with me.

À la prochaine.