Phở Vinh

Hello fellow food-fiends!

I know, I know… you hardly recognize me after such an unexpected hiatus. Sorry! The last couple of weeks have been filled with final papers, projects, and exams (very fascinating endeavors). But, hey! When I say final, I truly mean it. I’ll be graduating with my B.A. in 5 days (!!!!). Goodbye undergrad world, hello real world? We shall see.

Needless to say, I haven’t had the time or motivation to pursue any elaborate kitchen adventures… it’s been sort of monotonous on the kitchen front over here. My meals have primarily consisted of pasta, pizza, or take-out. A portrait of a college student (I need to take advantage while that excuse is still relevant, right?).

Yet, a couple of weeks back I had the chance to try some Vietnamese food downtown at Phở Vinh.

We tried the pan-fried crispy chow mein with vegetables & the steamed rice with tofu in a curry sauce, respectively. I’m always pretty excited when restaurant menus have a designated Vegetarian section, rather than one dish that is quasi-veggie.

Phở Vinh didn’t disappoint!

Our dishes screamed comfort: veggies embraced with ample sauce alongside piles of noodles and rice. You better believe we scraped our plates clean (and we were eating with chopsticks so that shows both how delicious the food was and how committed we were to scrapping our plates clean).

Sauces are exceedingly important. They are importance enough to make me BOLD a sentence. In fact, D and I often have passionate discussions on the significance of sauces to vegetarian dishes. (Do you guys also have passionate discussions about sauces? Is that a normal thing to do?)

I’ll be seeing you soon, okay? I don’t have any more 15 page papers to write so I won’t disappear again.