Croissant Gourmet

Bonjour mes p’tit choux! Aaaahh oui, je me sens bien (et français). Pourquoi? J’ai gradué de l’université.

Yes, I am officially a grad! (Welllll, not yet *officially* considering they hand you a blank diploma at commencement, BUT I’ll receive one in the mail soon enough.)

And what is more appropriate than to celebrate this success with family, friends, and bread. Yes, bread gets enough love the be bold… don’t question my priorities!

Croissant Gourmet is a tiny bakery located just off of Park Ave. in Winter Park. Chef François Cahagne specializes in all things French, which immediately makes me love him.

(This may or may not be a French appreciation post, in addition to a Croissant Gourmet appreciation post.)

My brothers and I all had a breakfast special aptly named “French Breakfast.”

And oui, it was très français. So français that it was a replicate of my daily hostel breakfast in Paris: fresh croissants with butter & apricot preserves and coffee.

The breads, a croissant and baguette, were delicious enough to slowly transform Winter Park into the streets of Paris. The outdoor seating and ironically (?) parked Vespa outside of Croissant Gourmet didn’t hurt either.

You know, I consider myself to be more of downtown folk, rather than Winter Park folk, but I’m willing to adjust that for bread. Sweet, beautiful, golden bread... At least now we know where I’ll buy my bread for my Lake Eola picnics (compromising!).

Au revoir!


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