Taco Bus/Tampa Lovin’

Let’s talk about Mexican food. Yes, it’s okay if you want to talk Tex-Mex, too.

Burritos, tacos, tortas, tostadas, nachos… guacamole… hmmm.

I accept all forms of it. As long as there’s plenty of guac and spicy salsa– I’ll be smitten anyway.

My best frond (friend**, but frond is a thing for us) took me to the famous Taco Bus, a must-eat while in the Tampa area.

It is literally a bus filled with incredible Mexican street food– amazing, right?

T-Bus (we’re on a nickname basis already) has an impressive range of vegan/vegetarian selections. From tempeh to butternut squash, you won’t be stuck swapping the meat out for just beans… although the beans at the Taco Bus are good enough to do just that.

As a burrito-fiend, I was hopeless. Even in the midst of tacos and tortas, I simply had to try one of their (massive) burritos. Rice, beans and veggies all snuggled into a warm tortilla. Love in a tortilla.

I’ve said it so many times before, but I’ll say it again: I want to eat Mexican food everyday… especially if it’s at the Taco Bus (can I just move in?).