Hot Doug’s

Hot dogs are a beautiful food: aptly greasy and not at all serious. While one can definitely be serious about hot dogs, the food itself isn’t. Hot dogs are also pretty inspiring; I’ve totally put pistachios on a hot dog before (it was awesome).

Hot dogs will always be hot dogs. It is an easily translatable food. A veg dog won’t be ridiculously stark from a reg dog (read: hamburgers will).

It also seems justifiable to wait 2+ hours in line to eat a hot dog… or maybe that’s a Chicago thing (?). Regardless, it is completely worth hanging out by that brick wall at Hot Doug’s to devour some veg doggies. And cheese fries, of course.

Hot Doug’s is unassuming. They name their hot dogs after famous people! I ate a Joe Strummer, twice.

If you’re in Chicago, you’re one lucky dog (hehe, see what I did there??).