Los Gringos Locos

I’ve briefly mentioned my fondness for burritos but somehow it’s never adequate, like an insatiable love affair you just can’t get enough of. Except that this love affair is with a whole lot of fillings tightly embraced by a tortilla. There, I said it: I love burritos (so much).

Take note: burrito love grows exponentially with size; the closer to my head a burrito resembles, the deeper my love for it. Also to note: if there’s an egg in my burrito someone better get that thing a burrito-size tuxedo, because we are spending the rest of our lives (my meal) together.

That’s how things seem to roll at Los Gringos Locos in downtown Orlando… really messy and egg-y in that lovely rolled up madness that is a good burrito. I don’t know about you, but they had me at “eggs.” This isn’t an official menu vegetarian option, but you can always make it work (replace that chicken with more eggs, please!).

Last to note concerning burrito love: this love is an enduring love, even after you devour one there are many more to come… you know what they say, there are plenty of burritos in the sea? Let’s go swimming, then!