Virgin Olive Market

Life is all about new experiences: squeezing every drop of freshness all over the tried and tired. Waking up everyday and exploring the unexplored, even if the unexplored is that slightly longer way home that you’ve never taken. But then there’s the Virgin Olive Market and their fantastic brunch that you decide to try on a fine Saturday morning, and then again on Sunday (and I would’ve again this morning if I didn’t have this whole job thing going on)… Sooo, let’s organize ourselves chronologically:


That’s right Eggs Florentine AND unicorn sprinkles… what else could you need, really? Fresh spinach & artichokes warmly blanketed by a hollandaise sauce perfectly made to be scooped up by pieces of baguette. For real. See that piece of melon? That stayed untouched, but I ate every last one of those cheddar grits.

Art-filled walls and little baby salt & pepper shakers, no wonder I came back on…


That’s when things got really fancy, with a carafe of Bellini and glasses I wanted to politely take home. Which brings me to the most challenging of questions: mimosa vs. Bellini? I’ll leave that one for you, I think you know where I stand…

Meet the Wafflewhich. Eggs, cheese & veggie sausage in between homemade waffles and smothered in TONS of maple syrup. This is the ingenious sweet & savory: brunch style.

Chive biscuits topped with mushroom gravy, veggie sausage and farm-fresh eggs. Ahhh, I’m a sucker for biscuits & gravy and it’s often difficult to find a vegetarian version of this classic dish, which makes me absolutely smitten by the Virgin Olive Market (on top of absolutely everything else). So, although life is about venturing forth towards the unknown, I’ll do so after I eat some brunch, okay?

Sundays, you get me.