Radish & Herb Butter Crostini

This dish is very much in sync with spring and completely out of touch with what most of the country is experiencing: cold. But as you may know, Florida doesn’t offer much in the seasons department (I’m quite familiar with summer, though… thanks). I’m just working with the weather here! This consists of making cold Sunday lunches, wearing tank tops in February, and freaking out when the temperature drops below 60° (freaking out = wearing a beanie indoors and becoming a blanket burrito). So, grab a cool glass of Riesling and cook like you’re living in the Florida wintertime!

Radishes and I don’t hang out nearly enough, but they’re a lovely food. I’m still figuring out how to incorporate them into more meals but in the meantime my go-to radish recipe is pleasantly simple: Radish & Herb Butter Crostini (and you can certainly just use a plain, good butter instead of an herbed one). This recipe is also accommodating so you can decide how many crostinis you’d like to yield.

soooooo RAD


  • 5 radishes, scrubbed clean
  • 1 baguette
  • herb butter (I shamefully admit to using store-bought which is silly because herb butter is easy to make. The kitchen goddess, Ina Garten, comes to your rescue with this recipe)
  • coarse sea salt

1. Slice radishes thinly with a sharp knife. A mandoline would sure be useful here.

2. Place radish slices in a bowl of ice cold water and refrigerate for about 15 minutes. We want these babies to be nice and crisp. Drain and dry.

3. Slice your baguette into one-inch thick slices. Toast slightly.

4. Slather each slice of bread with a good amount of butter.

5. Arrange radishes atop bread and sprinkle with sea salt.


6.) Enjoy!

crunch crunch crunch


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