The Chicago Diner: Part 2

Well, in my last post I rambled extensively about my newfound love for pickles only to neglect sharing a single photo of one. Erm, sorry. I got too excited with snow! and pickles! and The Chicago Diner! But don’t fret my pickle-loving friends, this companion post brings you pickles AND burgers.

BBQ bacun cheezeburger

You see? Hiding beneath the colossal BBQ Bacun Cheezeburger (that is the menu spelling and it’s very “Internet” and fun), is a bashful pickle. Bashful and extraordinary. The kind of pickle that would surely be nervous before its dance recital, but who would indubitably be the most awe-inspiring dancer there ever was. Bottom line: it was a damn good pickle. The burger was a classic made veggie, a setain patty with house made hickory-smoke veggie “bacun,” BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese! While it didn’t surpass the best burger I’ve ever had, it certainly held its own.

The Titanic BLT burger

Damian ordered the Titanic BLT Burger, which also featured a seitan patty but also veggie “bacun,” french-fried onions, lettuce, tomato, and vegan BBQ mayo. I’m a sucker for french-onions, especially if they’re hanging out atop a burger. It was very good.

It’s been nearly a month since Chicago, but I’m still smitten with it. Orlando has a handful of vegetarian restaurants but none like the lovely Chicago Diner. Perhaps it was snow-fatuation (I just made up my own word and it means snow infatuation), or perhaps it was the pickles… Either way, I’m still missing you, Windy City.