My favorite plates

My favorite plates are weird, clearly; they’ve dogs on them (as plates sometimes should).

Dishware is sort of a big deal to me. Don’t let me anywhere near Anthropologie’s sale section because I will most certainly successfully procure a plate (or two), a mug (or three), and so on… It’s a depleting practice! Dishware foraging tip: don’t reject a store just because it isn’t Anthropologie-esque. Surprisingly, I came across these lovely dog plates at a Tuesday Morning.

a colorful pair

A quirky dish can elevate a meal, make it special. It can transform toast into an acceptable photo to post on Instagram (oops, guilty as charged).

Pretty dishware deserves to be graced by good food, and vice versa. Let’s call it motivating (rather than a shopping habit). Also, I’m particularly fond of how the dogs’ eyes will sometimes peek out from under the food when using those plates.

(I know plates aren’t edible, but you can still, erm, devour them with your eyes? A recipe is coming soon, though!)