BIG news + The Garden Café

Admittedly, I haven’t done too much elaborate cooking lately. There’s been a lot of takeout and white rice topped with a fried egg and tons of sriracha, though. I miss taking a few hours to really cook, photographing each ingredient along the way and later writing about it here. Instead, a good portion of my time has been spent scouring the Internet for job opportunities in *drumroll* NYC. Yup! Damian and I are moving to New York very, very soon. How original of us, right? There are still many boxes that need to be packed and some furniture that needs a new home, so I’m not exactly celebrating (yet). I am, though, extremely excited/nervous for this new chapter in our lives!

But enough of that, let’s talk about faux meat.

Orange "chicken"

I’m not entirely keen on fake meat. I prefer to eat vegetarian meals that don’t contain meat substitutes, but rather have tons of vegetables in them. But then… there’s the Garden Café in downtown Orlando. A faux meat haven that even manages to sway me into eating Orange “Chicken.” A soy-based dish that’s remarkably reminiscent of the real thing. To me, the Garden Café is a nice option for when you’re feeling particularly nostalgic. It’s also considerably budget-friendly, especially during their weekday lunch hours (~$5). From faux beef to pork buns, the Garden Café certainly has a wide range of dishes to satisfy your non-meat cravings.

I’ll definitely miss the Garden Café when we move, but something tells me that I won’t have too much trouble finding new places to eat in NYC… ;)