it’s sandwich o’clock

Sandwiches are as easy as pie!

Well, they’re actually a lot easier. All you gotta do is pack your favorites in between two slices of bread (or if you’re feeling particularly Scandinavian you can make an open face sandwich), and that’s that.


I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, let alone how to make your sandwiches, BUT if you’re creating avocado-less sandwiches you’re missing out. Big time. Do yourself a favor and mash an avocado to spread on the bread instead of mayo (Thug Kitchen style). Thank me later ;).

avec fromage


Akin to most meals I prepare, sandwiches (or sammies) are flexible. Don’t stress over it and just pile on the goods. Sandwich zone is a no judgement zone. My college roommates and I once made a mashed potato grilled cheese (!!!) and it was perfect.

This particular sandwich is far less “college,” though.

on goes the giardiniera


Mashed avocado (duh), mustard, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and giardiniera all come together in between sourdough baguette slices to give you a damn good sandwich.



Told ya it was easy peasy!


P.S.- This was the first I used my iPhone’s VSCOcam to take food pictures and they’re all different shades of delicious! Cohesiveness next time (maybe).