Verde Coal Oven in Bushwick

Verde Coal Oven is a Bushwick pizzeria w/ a 104 year old underground coal oven that cooks up some ridiculous fare like a ~*~BREAKFAST PIZZA~*~.

Buon Giorno pizza

Officially christened “Buon Giorno,” this pie is the pizza of my dreams. It’s as if breakfast and pizza got together and had a beautiful, mouthwatering baby topped w/ goat cheese, potato, tomato sauce, fresh mozz, and three sunny side up eggs (it’s originally served w/ house sausage, but I swapped it for caramelized onions).

Buon Giorno pizza

pizza w/ eggs

This beautiful pie is crispy in all the right places (crust & taters), drippy where it needs to be (yolk), and cheesy everywhere else. It’s also served ALL DAY LONG so you can make breakfast/brunch time, anytime.


Verde also serves tasty, well-brewed coffee w/ reasonable prices. Their cappuccino is actually a cappuccino (not a latte), and a ticket to foam city. Everyone wants to go to foam city, right? Just me? OKAY. More foam for me.

interior at Verde Coal Oven

interior at Verde Coal Oven

The best part (for me) about Verde Coal Oven is that it’s less than a mile from my apartment (!!!). Pizza everyday.

In all seriousness, if you find yourself in Bushwick, pop in for some pizza and other goods (like homemade crusty bread, tomato sauce, and fresh mozz for sale).