Cafe Ghia

I know Thanksgiving’s in the air, but brunch and I have a long-term thing going on. I’ll love brunch, for as long as there’s good coffee and some type of eggy dish to shuffle out of bed for.

Cafe Ghia

Cafe Ghia

So cheers to Cafe Ghia, a Bushwick gem that nurtures this relationship by offering brunch on weekdays (meaning: no more waiting on the weekends when you should be cozy in bed). Ghia’s my favorite neighborhood breakfast spot, serving amazing $3 bottomless coffee and fresh, (mostly) local fare.

The bar @ Ghia

I’m typically a sucker for savory dishes topped with fried eggs, but on this particular brunch outing, I was feeling the sweet & savory vibe yielding in the Lumberjack Stack: scrambled eggs between two waffles, served with Vermont maple syrup. Usually this dish comes with bacon, but I swapped it for potatoes because POTATOES.

Lumberjack Stact @ Ghia

D opted for the Belgian Waffle (apparently it was a waffle day…), with seasonal fruit (apples), walnuts, caramel, and a maple whipped cream. We definitely swapped breakfasts midway through!

Belgian Waffles @ Ghia

Cafe Ghia offers a laid back atmosphere and some really, really good food. I haven’t ventured there for dinner (yet), but something tells me that it’ll be just as delicious as their brunch.



24 Irving Ave.