Pickled Red Onions

Open face sandwiches remind of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Upon reading Larsson’s novel, all I could surmise was that Swedes ate ridiculous amounts of open face sandwiches and drank cupfuls of… Continue reading

My favorite plates

My favorite plates are weird, clearly; they’ve dogs on them (as plates sometimes should). Dishware is sort of a big deal to me. Don’t let me anywhere near Anthropologie’s sale section because I will… Continue reading

The Chicago Diner: Part 2

Well, in my last post I rambled extensively about my newfound love for pickles only to neglect sharing a single photo of one. Erm, sorry. I got too excited with snow! and pickles!… Continue reading

The Chicago Diner: part 1

Chicago: the city that made me fall in love with pickles. I once thought pickles were deplorable, but post Chicago? Well, there’s a pickle jar sitting in my fridge… Damian and I recently… Continue reading

Vietnamese Coffee (sort of)

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth; it’s true: I much rather indulge in a plate of nachos rather than brownies, cookies, or any other type of sugary treat. Yet, sweetened condensed… Continue reading

Pizza Toppings

Thus far in my life there’s been two momentous occurrences which have completely revolutionized my outlook on pizza: 1.) Corn as a topping As a kid in sleep-away camp, I remember that there… Continue reading

Radish & Herb Butter Crostini

This dish is very much in sync with spring and completely out of touch with what most of the country is experiencing: cold. But as you may know, Florida doesn’t offer much in… Continue reading

Pasta Carbonara with Brussels Sprouts

I’ve got a case of friendsickness. It’s just as homesickness is but rather than longing for my home, I’m longing for my best friend who is currently giving France the pleasure of gracing… Continue reading

Shakshuka + Goat Cheese & Chive Grits

These days I am fiercely obsessed with breakfast. Not a sweet breakfast, though. Pancakes, waffles and french toast: I kindly ask you to keep out of my plate to make room for the… Continue reading

Virgin Olive Market

Life is all about new experiences: squeezing every drop of freshness all over the tried and tired. Waking up everyday and exploring the unexplored, even if the unexplored is that slightly longer way… Continue reading