Los Gringos Locos

I’ve briefly mentioned my fondness for burritos but somehow it’s never adequate, like an insatiable love affair you just can’t get enough of. Except that this love affair is with a whole lot… Continue reading


While I don’t always update La Tête de Légumes, you can rest assured I am (nearly) always eating… and recording it. I present to you, my food life via Instagram: Homemade pizza &… Continue reading

Eggplant & zucchini noodle-free lasagna

You may or may not be thinking, “Noodle-free lasagna? That makes no sense and it defies the very dictionary definition of lasagna!!!!” OK… So you’re probably not thinking that, but I am (because… Continue reading

Sunday Brunch

So here I am once again apologizing for my lack of (blog) presence. I’m blaming this one on my venerable computer; it went on hiatus, and consequently so did La Tête de Légumes.… Continue reading

Put an egg on it!

You know that Portlandia skit, Put A Bird On It? That’s how I feel about eggs. Leftover pot pie? Put an egg on it. Everything is more exciting with the incredible, edible egg.… Continue reading

Hot Doug’s

Hot dogs are a beautiful food: aptly greasy and not at all serious. While one can definitely be serious about hot dogs, the food itself isn’t. Hot dogs are also pretty inspiring; I’ve… Continue reading


So what that it’s summer in Chicago and it feels like a 100+ degrees and all you want to do is dip your toes in that awesome narrow pool in Millennium Park? You… Continue reading

New things

A new apartment with a lovely kitchen window. Sunlight shining through pretty bottles (bottle hoarder alert). A revamp of this blog… check it out? Many food pictures taken while in Chicago, awaiting to be… Continue reading

Impromptu pseudo-stir fry

I call this “throw everything that’s inside your fridge onto a pan and call it dinner.” Ramen noodles, zucchinis, peas, eggs & (not pictured) avocados. See! Not grocery shopping & cooking can still… Continue reading

Oatmeal pecan chocolate chip cookies

Today we bake! I don’t normally bake. Special occasions such as birthdays and stormy weather propel me to cover all kitchen surfaces with flour. (Yes, I’m messy.) Yesterday the sky was threatening; I… Continue reading