Roasted cauliflower

The beautiful thing about roasted cauliflower is that all you need are simple ingredients: cauliflower (duh), salt, pepper and olive oil. Done. Feel free to sprinkle a bit of curry powder, too. Maybe… Continue reading

Summer nachos

Summertime is all about fresh, colorful food. It’s when your plate becomes a palette. When colors are edible. Don’t think in terms of ingredients… think about their colors. A bit of green, red,… Continue reading

Mushroom-stuffed tomatoes

Everything is better stuffed, right? Tomatoes, peppers, crust and even you (think post-Thanksgiving). Stuffed not stuffy. Stuff some vegetables with more vegetables and call it a day, or dinner… whatever! The good thing… Continue reading

Vegetarian chili salad

Today’s lunch was salad, but not your ordinary salad. The usual salad suspects were present– yes, but they were also covered in vegetarian chili. Hearty chili with beans, red peppers, corn and zucchini.… Continue reading

Taco Bus/Tampa Lovin’

Let’s talk about Mexican food. Yes, it’s okay if you want to talk Tex-Mex, too. Burritos, tacos, tortas, tostadas, nachos… guacamole… hmmm. I accept all forms of it. As long as there’s plenty… Continue reading

A portobello quibble & a (Miami Beach) Shake Shack trip

This slight quibble isn’t directly targeted towards the wonderful portobello mushroom– the title is a bit misleading, I’ll admit. Rather, this quibble is towards nearly every vegetarian option on most franchised restaurants’ menus.… Continue reading

While at home: an Italian feast

I’ve swooned already over the joys of being home, but it somehow never gets old. After all, home is home: a place where the fridge is never empty and feasts are daily. At… Continue reading

À votre santé

I’ve recently noticed a pattern in my Instagram habits: beer.   You guys, I really enjoy beer. I’ve even become one of those annoying beer-guzzlers who rolls their eyes at Miller Lite and… Continue reading

Croissant Gourmet

Bonjour mes p’tit choux! Aaaahh oui, je me sens bien (et français). Pourquoi? J’ai gradué de l’université. Yes, I am officially a grad! (Welllll, not yet *officially* considering they hand you a blank… Continue reading

Phở Vinh

Hello fellow food-fiends! I know, I know… you hardly recognize me after such an unexpected hiatus. Sorry! The last couple of weeks have been filled with final papers, projects, and exams (very fascinating… Continue reading