Plum Galette

My mom made a Plum Galette. I blame my mom for my fervid passion for food. And my brother. And food itself. Mainly my mom, though. I use “blame” loosely. Very loosely. So… Continue reading

A Homey Breakfast

I’m home. Not college apartment home, but home home. I love being home, not only for the dear company in the shape of my lovely parents and fuzzy dog, but for the luxuries… Continue reading

Zucchini & Walnut Lasagna

What’s better than really good food? Really good company. Last night combined both. My roommate Lissa and I made a very special lasagna to go along with our Tuesday dinner and catch-up night.… Continue reading

Five Guys

A gloomy Saturday spent watching countless episodes of Battlestar Galactica was made perfect by one of my favorite comfort foods, the grilled cheese. It’s a rather pleasant surprise that the Five Guys franchise… Continue reading

Butternut Squash & Mushroom Tofu Pot Pie

I had a huge butternut squash living inside my pantry for a couple of weeks, and while I was intrigued in testing its longevity, I finally decided to put it to good use.… Continue reading

Ethos Vegan Kitchen

People who recommend Ethos Vegan Kitchen talk about it in the same way they would a dear friend, which is why I decided to visit it for my first “official” blog post. Every… Continue reading

This blog as long been overdue

The idea of creating a food-centric blog has been marinating inside my head for quite some time now, but for undetermined reasons this brain marinate remained an idle mush… until now. I love… Continue reading