Quantum Leap

Sometimes it’s still unreal to me that I live in New York and that I commute on the same train that Jay Z once did (favorite fun fact). I get to cross the Williamsburg Bridge via train and see that famous skyline daily, and then walk around the Village on my way to work. Sometimes I even hang out on friends’ rooftops and hear the not-so-distant rumble of the train. Pretty dreamy!

ABC city

On our shared days off, D (super anonymous) and I have been exploring the city: from Kips Bay to Alphabet City (pictured), we’re leisurely becoming acquainted with what’s what and where’s where. Most recently, we journeyed to the West Village for some veggie burgers at Quantum Leap, as recommended by Samantha (who authors a fantastic blog about film, literature, food, and whatever else she fancies).

Quantum Leap is NOT a sci-fi themed restaurant, which truthfully was mildly disappointing. I sincerely feel as if they’re missing out on a fun opportunity there… Rather, Quantum Leap’s a vegetarian/vegan-friendly resto that feels quite cozy and college-y, which I suppose makes sense since it’s located near NYU. The vicinity is appropriately lovely to work up an appetite post-moseying about.

Fire Rock Burger

We went there for burgers and burgers we had! D ordered the Fire Rock Burger (pictured above): a grilled veggie burger slathered with chipotle BBQ sauce and topped with soy bacon, grilled onions, mushrooms, and jalapenos. I opted for the Big Leap Burger (below) featuring a veg patty piled with crispy onion rings, avocado, cheddar cheese, and horseradish mustard (aka all my favorite ingredients hanging out between a couple of buns).

Big Leap Burger

Both burgs were served with garlic fries (or a salad but why would you do that?) that were delightfully hot and crisp, but not as garlicky as I imagined. I also really love garlic so it’s never enough on that front, if ya know what I mean. NOTE: Apparently these are not QL’s garlic fries so we can all rest assured that the actual garlic fries are indeed garlicky. The burgers were genuinely good, and while I’m sure you could concoct something similar at home, it’s just gratifying to have someone else do it for you.

Frozen margs

After burger-ing, we grabbed frozen margaritas at Dallas BBQ in the East Village. DBBQ is a ridiculously touristy joint that serves up mediocre food but fun “Texas-sized” frozen libations. Not really deserving of its own blog post but I just wanted to sneak it in here…

Tompkins Square Park

Finally, before heading back to BK, we unintentionally wandered in Tompkins Square Park and watched some dogs play. And that was Wednesday!

Thanks to those who left me NYC recommendations on my last post. I’ve a long to-eat list now, but by all means, keep ’em coming!