The Falafel Shop in LES

The Falafel Shop in LES

Well, well, well. It’s hard to believe that an entire month has passed since we’ve settled into our Bushwick apartment. I guess a month makes it official, though: I made it to NYC, suckas!

One of the most overwhelming parts of acquainting myself with this city has been deciding where to eat. Seriously. There are SO many options that I often don’t know where to start, which is exactly why food recommendations are particularly helpful right now (if you have any, leave a comment!). Kyle, the editor of BRINK Magazine (which I write for sometimes), sent me a list of his favorites and among them was The Falafel Shop in the Lower East Side (LES).

The Falafel Shop in LES

Falafel from The Falafel Shop in LES

This tiny shop is dangerously close to the Essex St. stop off of the J train making it really easy for anyone (me) to visit. As if I needed any persuasion to eat falafel; I’m ALL about falafel.

Especially when they’re served in super fresh and fluffy pita. Keeping it simple, the falafels are served with plenty of tahini, chopped salad, pickles, and hot sauce (on the side).

The Falafel Shop also serves freshly made juice, which is a delicious way to meet their $10 credit card minimum. I tried their “Green Juice,” made of cucumber, apple, parsley, lemon and celery(?). Really refreshing, but if you have a juicer, you already know all about the magic of freshly squeezed fruit, vegetable, and herb blends.

All in all, this place is a gem! I have a feeling that my newfound knowledge of its existence will make exploring other restaurants just a tiny bit harder…

Food recommendations are welcome in the comments!